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Good Enough to Eat

Getting a start in porn wasn’t easy for this up-and-coming gal from Jacksonville, Florida. “I used to be very shy,” Crissy tells us. “It was really hard for me to pose nude for the first time. I was nervous and totally self-conscious. The photographer almost had to beg me to slowly remove my top. Then, on the next day, he had me show off my boobs and take off my panties. That got me aroused. I went into nude modeling full force. After that, nothing could stop me!” Mesmerizing Ms. Moran has now done some 40-plus XXX films in the past six years. “I find that I love having sex on film, maybe more than at home,” she declares. “People watching me fuck—or just the thought that someone might be peeking in a window while I’m riding a cock just for fun—really gets me off.” What else gets Crissy off? “Giving head and getting head! I love getting it from guys and petite girls with tight bodies. I don’t think you should limit yourself to being with just one sex.” Listening to bisexual Crissy describe her bedroom feats is almost as arousing as seeing her without a stitch. “I’m also big on other types of foreplay,” she continues. “When it comes to doing the deed, my favorite position is doggy-style. There’s something about a hot guy pumping away against my ass that does it for me. It sounds kinda dirty, but it feels good having a throbbing hard-on up in me like that!” What would the zesty, shapely Sunshine Stater be doing if she hadn’t ventured into erotic entertainment? “I hate to think of that,” Crissy responds. “I love being in porn! It is easily the best job in the world ever. If I had to, I guess I’d work in a “legit” gig—maybe a legal office helping people. I once clerked at a county courthouse and felt like I made a real difference. I would do that or maybe even become a professional photographer, shooting lots of hot, naked chicks.” Even away from the prying camera, Crissy can’t be stopped. “I love to dance and hang out in clubs,” she says. “Plus, I work out like a demon. I run, swim and even lift weights. It’s very important to me to keep my body superfirm. After all, nobody wants to see a fat porn star.” But there’d be that much more to enjoy!


Hair: Brown, Eyes: Brown, Bust: 34D, Waist:24, Hips: 34, Height: 5'2'', Weight: 100


Birthplace: San Diego, California

Age: 30

Favorite Movie: Finding Nemo. Something about that fish makes me wanna say "Awwww..." everytime I see that movie.

Favorite Song: Right now it's Justin Timberlake's "SexyBack", but it changes as often as the chart does.

Favorite Food: There's nothing I love more than a bottle of saki and some nice sushi.

Likes: Anything that creates beauty or is beauty ... photography, sunsets, the beach, art. Spiritually, writing poetry.

Dislikes: Bad breath, flatulence, smelly people. I guess would sum it up!

Ambitions: II do a little photography and would like to do more. I am also very interested in forensic science. You can blame CSI for that one.

Best Place to Fuck: I have this giant bed that's so comfy I can almost never leave it. I must sleep 12 hours a day.

Best Sex: It's always good, but I love bringing a woman home to share with my man. There's something about watching him fuck someone else in front of me that drives me wild.

Favorite Position: I have a cute little butt, so I love getting it slapped when I'm getting fucked doggiestyle.

Questions & Answers:

HUSTLER: My God, you're gorgeous. How often do you get that?

CRISSY: First off, thanks. I practically live online so I visit about 6 forums on a daily basis so I read it quite often! My fans are always good for a little pick me up when I am having a bad day!

HUSTLER: I would imagine most men find you intimidating.

CRISSY: I don't know if that's true or not, but maybe. I am a very approchable kind of girl. I have even come across fans in public and posed for pictures on cell phones and things like that.