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Guide to Couples Porn

"There's a funny beer commercial that used to run on television that shows the differences between men and women. All the women in the advertisement talk about is "love, love, love," while all the guys discuss is "sex, sex, sex." A similar problem exists in the world of adult DVD when it comes to making movies that appeal to both men and women. How do you make the movie romantic for the girls while still showing all the hardcore action that the guys love to watch?

Fortunately, some adult studios have managed to find the right formula. Below we take a look at the adult industry's best "Couple-themed studios" and recommend some titles that you and your significant other may want to add to your collection.

Vivid Pictures

Vivid was not only the first adult studio to start releasing titles on the DVD format (with Bobby Sox in 1997), but they continue to be one of the leaders in producing movies with a couples-theme to them.

While space doesn't allow us to list all of the Vivid releases that would appeal to couples, one of the more popular early releases by the studio include Ancient Secrets of the Kama Sutra, a title that stars Dyanna Lauren as a married woman who starts to explore her sexuality with her husband.

Wicked Pictures

While Vivid may be the more recognizable name for "newbies" testing the waters of porn viewing, when it comes to high quality adult features for couples, Wicked may be the leader of the pack. Almost always featuring high production values, lots of bonus material for the DVD fan, and beautiful women - Wicked movies are about the closest the adult industry has come to producing films that come close to what we see in the mainstream.

Wicked also had the advantage of getting into the DVD business right when they had the hottest woman in porn, Jenna Jameson, still under contract. The release of Dream Quest almost immediately established Wicked Pictures as a power to be dealt with in the adult digital realm, and this fantasy movie is still one of the all-time best sellers.


Couples who have graduated from the world of Vivid and Wicked and are ready for something a little more "harder" may want to check out the DVD releases from Private. A foreign-based studio that traditionally has released European-made (usually dubbed) adult features with sexy overseas starlets, in the past year or two Private has brought more and more American talent into their fold. Although the action tends to be more hardcore in a Private movie than in a Vivid or Wicked release (more anal, more multi-partner couplings, a tad more "kink"), the stories actually lean a little more to the erotic and passionate than those released by American-based adult studios.

Some of Private's early DVD releases that couples may enjoy include the multi-part Pyramid series, Kruger Park and the three-part The Tower.

Digital Playground

From the very beginning, Digital Playground has geared much of its material towards couples. The successful Island Fever (as well as its sequels, Island Fever 2 and 3 ) proved that porn could not only be viewed as "art", but it could appeal to women as well as the men.

In 2002, Digital Playground signed Nic Andrews to direct exclusively for the studio, and the result has been some of the best couples-oriented dramas the adult industry has produced. In Devon Stripped , we get to see the effect and lure the adult industry has on a young woman; while in Rush , we get to watch as a young couple races against time to try and find true happiness together.


If the above titles are any indication, there still is plenty of room in the adult world for well-made features that appeal to both sexes. Although many of the industry's studios are basically turning out hardcore all-sex and gonzo material aimed directly toward the male viewer, thanks to the studios listed above, couples and single women will still be able to find plenty of quality releases that appeal to their tastes.

So if you're looking for something erotic, but still want to be entertained when sexual action isn't occurring on-screen, pick up a few of the titles we've listed above and discover a whole new world of home entertainment brought to you by some of the adult industry's finest."
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