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Have We Seen The Last Of Monsters & Ghosts?

Now that most of our masquerade and costume parties have dwindled down for another year, this reviewer is taking a moment to reflect and ponder.

This year, requests for adult costumes ran the gamut from sexy pirates to sexy police officers, but only a few of the guys that enter our atmosphere made the requests we received here at for scary costumes of any kind. No requests for Frankensteins, or the more generic ghouls or ghosts. Just a few requests for the old standbys: Freddy Krueger or Jason.

Now as our longtime visitors to the site know, we don’t usually carry that type of costume anyway. But this year more than before, we noticed a sharp decrease, in requests for costumes of the horror variety. Yet, while out partying I did notice dudes out there dressed as bloody surgeons or axe murderers. Still, all of the ladies strutted their stuff on the more erotic side.

As you can probably guess we were just thrilled to have so much interest in the costumes we do carry; erotic or sexy costumes! While our site buyers were doing their thing, scouting around this vast Universe to bring you out of this world variety, industry articles they came across suggested that we were on to something. Adults this year did scoop up all of the sexy costumes they could buy, and businesses that specialized in that type of garb found their sales reaching towards the stars!

Even here on your favorite planet, we ran out of many of the more sought after sexy Goth glam costumes. Hopefully, the trend will continue and next year we will bring you more of the most erotic On-the-Edge costumes for your haunting pleasure.

Now, on to planning for the northern hemisphere’s Winter Solstice and all of the holiday dress-up, playtime, and gift giving that surrounds the season!