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How To Wear Rubba-Wear Latex Leggings
How To Wear Rubba-Wear Latex Leggings

One of our best sellers here on are the truly provocative Rubba-Wear Leggings. But while many are turned on by the sleek and sexy look of this fashion statement, we do get several questions about them and the other Rubba-Wear & Latex products we carry.

Rubba-Wear Latex Leggings
For instance, just what is Rubba-Wear or Latex clothing? Latex clothing is referred to by a variety of names that are used interchangeably by merchants, including rubber and PVC (or polyvinyl chloride). Latex is translucent and comes in a variety of colors, but the most common, and the one we stick to, is black, in keeping with the darker side of

Another question we frequently get is, how do you put them on? Since dry Latex can cause friction against the skin, any good lube like Wet Light should make slipping into your Latex wear a breeze. Some people use talc or cornstarch to ease their way into their Latex clothing, but because of the residue left, this then often becomes a two stage process, because some type of Latex shine is usually needed to remove the cloudy talc residue.

Many also wonder if they will feel hot and sweaty while wearing Latex clothing. While we canít vouch for your comfort if you are in a steamy embrace, or on a dark over-heated dance floor, but under general wearing conditions, surprisingly they feel light and cool.

The final most frequently asked question is, how do you take care of them? Latex polish is what gives it that gloriously shiny finish. And keeping your Latex Wear looking good is simply a matter of using a product like Rubba Glow Latex-Wear Spray. (Take care not to let the spray gather in the folds of the clothing, since it can cause degradation of the material over time.) Because Latex is so thin, it tears easily, and care should be taken when getting into you clothing (wear cotton gloves if you have long, sharp fingernails) and when using various pleasure devices or cleaning.

Since your Latex wear can be affected by a variety of perfumes, and other liquids, take care when anointing your body or leaning against surfaces wet with unknown substances (like nightclub bars). After you remove your clothing, turn it inside out, wipe it carefully to remove any talc or other products you may have applied, and let the surface(s) dry thoroughly. Then store in a cool, dark, dry place (rubber fades in bright light). In addition, light colored Latex clothing can stain very easily around some metals, so do take care with your accessories and try to avoid copper, nickel or other coin metals. In addition, take care when storing any Latex clothing with metal trims (use tissue paper to keep the metal from resting against the Latex surface).

Depending on the look you are going for, you may or may not want to dress from head to toe in Latex clothing. Because Latex is thin and clings, everything you have is on display and nothing will stop your partner (or others) from taking in the sights. Since Latex clothing is skin tight with a "second skin" feeling, it is most commonly associated with erotica and fetishes. But when worn in various combinations with or without other fabrics, Latex-wear is becoming one of the more sought after trends in Clubwear. Of course, you might want to save the full-body cat suit and full-head zippered bondage face mask for slightly more private times.

Some other uses for latex wear can be found in the book Fetish Sex: An Erotic Guide for Couples and the DVD Nina's Guide To Erotic Bondage. An entertaining hour or two could be spent after veiwing the DVD Michael Ninn's Latex.

(Note, some people do suffer from latex allergies, so if you notice any skin irritations or rashes developing after wearing your latex goodies, please check with your health care worker.)