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Liberator Black Label - Wedge
Item# tgdbr13
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Product Description

Add some sexual spice with this sizzling slice. The Black Label Wedge is a wicked, spice-filled wonder. Tucked under your hips, it adds one hot little pelvic tilt, offering deeper penetration and intensified sensations. Delicious like dark chocolate, this sexed-up slice elevates expertly to excel any oral adventures.

Whatís Included:

* Wedge, dressed to thrill in a black, machine washable Microfiber cover as well as a silky nylon water-resistant play surface. * Wrist cuffs with velcro closure, one cuff connector, two tender tethers and a plush blindfold. * Position guide, filled with erotic photos of Liberator-original positions. * Black, nylon gig bag for luviní on the go.

Please note that Liberator products can only be shipped within the continental United States.