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Lubricants, Creams, Oils & Edibles

Just what are the differences between some of the various products out there designed to enhance love play? When this reviewer first came up with the idea to write about them, I realized that I better do my homework. Finding out how many different types of products are out there was where I decided to start.

What I found out was that there is a far greater variety of products than I can go into detail about here. That would be a full time reviewing gig believe me. I will try to briefly touch on some of the ones I found interesting. In general lubricants are really any product used to prevent painful friction from building up between two surfaces. Massage oils & creams are designed for fragrance, increased glide, as sexual accelerators, with numbing or heating effects, or any number of other specialties depending on your requirements.

The names of these products can be quite as entertaining as the actual products themselves. While we do carry Good Head - The Ultimate Blow Job Cream, I am going to have to talk to the buyers about carrying a little something, something called Lick-a-Pussy, a flavored gel with a name that conjures up all sorts of images in my head, and yes, just makes me smile. Both products are designed to make oral sex an equally pleasurable experience for all parties involved.

Oral, Anal & Vaginal Creams

Sure Grip Tighten-Her Cream is a pleasure cream used when you and your partner want to experience extra snug vaginal penetration. Another product carried here on your favorite planet is Anal-Ease Cream. This cream comes in a variety of flavors and is useful for easing both virgin and experienced anal play. Already mentioned Good Head - The Ultimate Blow Job; legend has it was used in centuries past by courtesans, to numb the back of the throat and dampen the gag reflex.

Massage Oils & Creams

We carry a select variety of massage oils & creams here on so let your hands and body glide with their sensuous feel. Shunga Intimate Kisses - Aphrodisiac Oil and Shunga Soft Moves - Massage Cream provide two different facets of the whole Shunga experience. Shunga is a Japanese term for erotic pictures. Most shunga are a type of ukiyo-e, usually executed in woodblock print format...Translated literally, the Japanese word shunga means picture of spring; "spring" is a common euphemism for sex."(Wikipedia)

Doc Johnson Floral Scented Massage Oil like other massage oils is great to add to the pleasure of touch and scented to engage your sense of smell.

Edible Body Paints

Nothing brings pleasure like oral gratification, and what better source of pleasure than chocolate? All sorts of empirical evidence exists to show the benefits of chocolate indulgence. You’ve heard the old saying, "Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker"? Well it turns out, that way, way back in the day, chocolate and alcohol were a combined in a drink that was sure to ease the path of romance.

While we don't carry any alcoholic chocolate here on the Planet, we do provide a selection of chocolate flavored Edible Body Paints. Shunga Chocolate Body Painting and Chocolate Body Sauce will provide you with either elegant or whimsical choices.

Heating/Warming Oils

Heating/Warming Oils provide a warming or heating sensation when applied to any sensitive area - as you gently blow on them. This warmth adds to the stimulating sensations and Tasty Lovin' - Hot Lickable Love Lotion (in three different flavors) is a great way to test this out.

All in all, the information I found just made me want to seek out more. So stay tuned to see a greater variety of lubricants, creams, oils & edibles here on Planet-38!