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Musings On Pleasure Devices

Just what are Pleasure Devices? Actually, we thought that that term was something we had come up with here on But after doing just a small bit of research, we realized that we werenít really all that original.

Anyway, here on your favorite planet, we lump together a variety of physical pleasure enhancers under the term, but they are also known as sex toys.

Massagers vs. Vibrators

Massagers can be defined as any device that rubs or kneads parts of the body to stimulate circulation and promote relaxation. Vibrators are defined as instruments (powered by batteries or plugged into an electrical outlet and made of plastic, metal, or rubber) used to produce vibrations when placed against the skin, or inserted into a body cavity. Vibrators stimulate nerve endings and give a pleasurable and sometimes erotic feeling.

Historically (and evidence of their existence is seen throughout human history) a Dildo was considered to be any object that had the shape and sometimes even the appearance of an erect phallus (penis) although dildos have always come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. While massagers and vibrators can be classified as relaxation tools, dildoes are almost always associated with sexual stimulation.

So then, what are sex toys? Based on the research that we did (and still do) just about anything you and your partner decide to use during sex play can be called a sex toy. But what are classically considered sex toys?

Sex Toys

Well, there are penis prosthetics, or extensions, dildos designed to be worn in a harness, sometimes called a strap-on, inflatable companions (male and female varieties), stand-alone vaginas, butt plugs, anal beads, and Ben-Wa Balls. These and many other objects can be used for anal, vaginal and oral penetration. Other types of harness mounts for vibrators or dildos (besides strapping to them to the groin) include thigh mount, face mount, or furniture mounting straps.

There are also double-ended vibrators or dildos, that have different-sized shafts pointing in the same (or opposite) directions that can be used by couples to accomplish both anal and vaginal penetration at once, or to share a single dildo (anal to anal or anal to vaginal) using it as a sort of see-saw. Note: Most sex toys/pleasure devices that penetrate various bodily orifices are used with some sort of lubrication.

One of the most interesting and well kept secrets among sex toy enthusiasts is the Astrea II - Remote Vibrating Thong. Equipped with a remote control triggering device, this allows you (or your partner) to initiate pleasurable vibrations that catch you (or your partner) by surprise. Imagine this secret you share when you are out in public, dining or dancing. The remote button is pushed and suddenly you are both wearing secret silly grins.


Pleasure Devices come in a variety of media with Plastic and Rubber being the most common. Silicone holds body heat, conducts vibrations, stands up well to use and can be easily sterilized. Metal is a good choice for those who are primarily concerned with stiffness or rigidity. In addition, you can either warm or cool metal sex toys and they can be sterilized easily.

Glass sex toys, often made of Pyrex or borosilicate glass, come in a variety of beautiful and unusual shapes and sizes. While these are sometime at the higher end of the price range, many people collect them due to their unique look and feel.

Cyberskin, is a synthetic material that many feel looks and feels just like human skin. Many male or female companion sex toys are made with cyberskin. A downside to this material is that it often gets sticky after repeated washings (dust with cornstarch) and is much more likely (than rubber or silicon) to damage easily. It is also porous and extra care needs to be taken when cleaning toys made with cyberskin.

Ease of cleaning/sterilization is a feature that should be close to the front of the list when choosing what type of pleasure devices/sex toys to add to your collection. In addition, some contraceptive products and many sex toys do not work well together so always read the instructions. There are a number of products on the market that are specifically made for this purpose.

But donít let the need to be cautious about the products you use together, keep you from experimenting.

Playtime doesnít have to end at the playground.

(We are always looking for new toys to bring you and hope to eventually carry a fine selection of collectible glass pleasure devices here on Planet-38 in the near future.)