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No Men's, Women's, Plus-Size Categories - The Defense

For a while now one of the major topics of discussion round the old conference table has been: Should we create Men's, Women's & Plus-Size categories? And as usual the whole idea gets shouted down. Yes, yes, we know, people are used to seeing these categories and are programmed to look for them.

But why, oh why do we have to keep doing something just because it has always been done that way? Why can't a guy see a corset that he wants to try out, only to be told that it is a "Women's" corset? Does it have a vagina? Does the label say legally he can't wear it? Of course not, so why should we here on your favorite Planet-38 dictate that?

And "Plus-Size"? Please! Plus what size, exactly? We didn't know either, so that got tossed out too. Any who, if you see something you like, and the size you need isn't listed, just Contact Us and let us know and we will scour the Universe to find it for you at an out of this world price.

If you have any questions about the best fit, please see Sizing Chart under Links