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Planet-38 Wallpaper I
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Product Description

Planet-38 Wallpaper I
Four Different Original Windows Wallpapers! (3.41" x 2.56", 1024x768(0.79MP), 24 bit, DPI: 300 x 300) (Purchased images do not have the "" watermark.)

1024 x 768


1. Download file
2. Run (click on) self-extracting file
3. Go to "Windows Desktop"
4. Right click on "Desktop"
5. Select "Properties"
6. Select "Desktop" tab
7. Select "Browse" button
8. Open folder with downloaded Planet-38 Wallpaper files
9. Select the Planet-38 Wallpaper file of your choice
10. Click "Open"
11. Click "Apply"
(You should see your Desktop image change)
12. Click "OK" and enjoy your new Planet-38 Wallpaper