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On Deck:

What exactly are "Edible Undies"?

Like everything we carry here on, someone just had to try a pair of the "Edible Undies" and Jude S, one of the CSRs was first to grab the Crème de Menthe version of the men’s Edible Undies.

When Jay C. another CSR pointed out that the box said "Pour Homme" and had a picture of a man on it, well let’s just say, as usual Jude S. got her way.

Anyway, she liked the feel, "Not sticky at all. I thought they would be." And wore them around the office, at first on her head, but then, excusing herself for a moment, she came back wearing them as they are advertised to be worn. Honoring her modesty, we won’t show the actual picture of her wearing them, but here they are on Mr. Bob, one of the crash test dummies we sometimes use instead of live models.
While the box describes it as a brief, it is really more of a thong with side ties, that should be tied loosely to avoid breaking as Jude S. found out when she tried to sit while snugly fit!

The front piece hides your goodies just fine, while offering tantalizing peeks when you walk or pose just right.

According to Jay C. they taste more like creamy mint candy then real Crème de Menthe, but he wasn’t complaining.

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